Having a Baby After His Vasectomy

Oct 30

So you are talking about having children after his vasectomy. This is a common topic, as so often men get a vasectomy when things aren’t going well in their marriage, not realizing how this will impact them later on in future relationships. There’s no reason to get mad at him. It was just the right thing to do at that time.

6But here you are and now you want children with your new man. That’s only logical. So what can you do? You have several options. Of course, whoever you talk with will of course direct you to what they think is best. But they are not you, and so here’s a review of your choices and why having a microsurgical vasectomy reversal makes the most sense.

Option 1. Adoption. Make the world a better place, be the parents to a child that needs a loving home. So many of us are adopted, and we will be forever indebted to our parents who stepped up. Of course, this is not the option if you want to have a child of your own DNA. And, it can cost tens of thousands of dollars and take many years.

Option 2. IUI with donor sperm. With this you buy the sperm from a donor bank, from a man that is perfectly and genetically healthy, looks like your husband, and is often a graduate student. Then this is instilled by your OB up into the uterus to magically find and merge with your egg, creating a baby. It works about 15% of the time, but can cost upwards of a $1000 or more every attempt each month. Again, this is not his DNA.
Okay, so you want your own child. That makes sense. Then here’s your choices.

Option 3. IVF with ICSI (in-nitro fertilization with intro-cytoplasmic sperm injection). His sperm are surgically removed, then the REI (Reproductive Endocrinologist) will inject one sperm at a time into your eggs that are removed from you after you are hormonal cycled to push out many eggs one month. This usually works great, with higher success the younger you are, though can take 2 or 3 cycles or more to get your baby. The downside is that this is a very expensive option, and can cost $12,000 up to $25,000 or more for each monthly cycle plus there are rare but very serious risks to both the mother and the babies. And then there are some couples where IVF just doesn’t work.

Option 4, Vasectomy Reversal, the most logical choice. A reversal simply reconnects the damaged ends so that you can make your babies the way our bodies were designed. And it costs about $8700 to $15,000 or more, so you can try as often as you want for as many kids as you want, at no additional cost and with no added risks! Of course, if you go to the very best micro surgeon, then your chances for success are much higher than if you use a local urologist who only does a few a year. And as with natural conception for couples that never had a vasectomy, there are no guarantees with trying for a child after vasectomy reversal.

Be a smart consumer, do lots of research and good luck with whatever path you choose!


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