The Hidden Mystery Behind tucson ac repair

Jan 29

Five so I’m I’m gonna Tucson ac repair call this I’m going to call this one fixed um I mean that’s a good sign that nitrogen has even risen a little bit so I mean I’m gonna call this one fixed I think we’re good to go I’ll go ahead give you all the model number this shooting a lot of people asked me to it’s a si ma a and it’s from the serial numbers kind of wore off Missy buckskin.

you can kind of see their w I think that’s a G and then a that – tells me with York equipment that this is a no model unit I got it I didn’t think it had been that long but I guess it has been but um I’m gonna go climb in the back of my truck over there and grab my vacuum pump and we’re going to put a vacuum on this thing and charge it up and we’ll be done all right I’ve got all the nitrogen out get the vacuum pump hooked up I’m going to crank it up let her warm up there for a minute.

There we go start coming down into a vacuum like I said that’s not the way I prefer to do it you know I wish I had my a peons but I took him out to clean them and they’ll make sure they have no dirt in them and blew him out with nitrogen and all that good stuff and did the same thing with my Yellow Jacket tea manifold cleaned it out and left it at home never put it back on the truck and like I said I don’t lift terribly far away from her I live about minutes up the road I guess.

maybe a little father and but since it’s r I’m just going to go ahead and do it like this now if it was for TNA I’d probably make the trip home and well I would make the trip home and go get them if it was that but this will do for our for our I’ll take it like this so we’re going to let that uh let that.

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Things Nobody Told You About Tucson Ac Repair

Oct 16

Darter turn or so and you done you don’t run it down so tight you strip it out okay I’m first I’m gonna hook my game just back up go four thousand close now we need something called a vacuum pump this is a vacuum pump this one wasn’t that expensive I got it at Harbor Freight and you basically have two ports that you can hook up to on the top this is the one that fits my gauge.

set runs on good old new ac unit tucson or it could run on something else depending upon what country bought in come to think of it then you have the third hose that’s on your gauge set yellow one that one I’m going to hook to here then I am going to plug it in it’s going to begin to suck alright now that I’ve got that on I’m going to open up my gauges so I’m just going to leave both sides open and I’m going to leave it sit on here for a half-hour so you can see how the needle is burying down that’s.

aptly what I wanted to do because it’s putting a vacuum on the system what this does is it makes it so any moisture that’s in a system will boil away water boils because of the pressure that’s on the outside of it so you take away that pressure and it will boil away that’s that’s the idea behind this so the reason we’re putting a vacuum on the system is to eliminate moisture but also it’s a way for checking for leaks without having to pressurize the I’m gonna go over and install it on the vehicle installation is pretty much gonna be reversible try to fish this down through here so no ring it seals these my trenches are long so just once you get it on there just just another like.

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