5 Ways Moving Home Improves You as a Person

Nov 29

The old adage goes, “what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.” It might not seem like it in the midst of the chaos of moving, but moving to a new home will also make you a stronger, better person. Here are just some of the ways you will improve as a person when you move.

Friendly Denver Movers holding a moving Box

Put Sentiment in the Right Place
One of the hardest parts of moving is sorting through all of your belongings and getting rid of the things you don’t really need. For most of us, that means we’ve got to make the difficult choice of getting rid of items that have sentimental value, but are otherwise just clutter. This process of purging your sentimental belongings is tough, but it will teach you a valuable lesson to hold onto the memories, and not the objects.

Less Clutter
Moving is a great excuse to finally get rid of all that clutter in your home so you can start your new life fresh. Living without clutter doesn’t just help you stay organized, but it can improve your state of mind. Without all that clutter around you, you will feel less stressed and more relaxed.

Try New Things
When you live in one place for a long time, it is easy to get too comfortable in your habits. You got to the same supermarkets for your shopping, you eat at the same restaurants, you go to the same bars on weekends when you go out, and hang out with the same people. This all goes out the window when you move to a new city. As you get to know your new city and make new friends, you will find yourself trying all sorts of new things that you might not have otherwise.


Learn to Make New Friends
Moving to a new city where you know absolutely no one is really terrifying, but it is an experience you will learn and grow from. It takes a bit of effort to meet new friends, so you will find yourself doing things like joining clubs and talking to complete strangers. Having exposure to so many new people, and ultimately new friends, helps you open up your mind to new ideas and experiences, something which benefits all of us.

You Learn to Cherish Home
After leaving your home and everything that comes with it (friends, family, support systems, your favorite bistro), you realize how dear these things are to you. It isn’t just the big things like friends either. You realize how much those small things matter to you. Soon you will find these things in your new city too, and you are less likely to take them and the idea of home for granted.

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How to Find Family-Friendly Neighborhood?

Nov 19

When families with children move, one of the main things they look for is a good school. While a good school district is sign that a community is family-friendly, it isn’t always the case. You want to make sure that the community and neighborhood within the community welcomes children, that there will be plenty of playmates for your kids, and that activities abound. Here are some tips for finding a great family-friend neighborhood when moving.

Check Out the Parks
Having a lot of parks in the area is a good sign, especially when those parks have playgrounds. Note that you should really check out the parks yourself instead of just locating them on a map. You don’t want to discover that the seemingly-nice playground is actually the favored spot of local drug dealers.

How Many Pediatricians Are There?
If there is a high amount of pediatricians in the area, then that is a sign that there are a lot of children. It also means you will have a much wider range of health care providers to choose from.

Look At the Number of Babysitters Available
Even if your kids are old enough that they don’t need a babysitter, you should still go online to sites like sittercity.com and 4sitters.com and see how many babysitters are located in the community. A lot of babysitters is a sign that it is very family friendly.

Is There a Parents’ Group?
As a parent, you need to connect with other parents. One of the best ways to do this is through parents groups, or even activities like Mommy and Baby yoga. You and your child benefit from these groups and it will help you make new friends in your new neighborhood.

What Extramural Activities Are Offered?
Life for your children doesn’t have to revolve just around their school. Extramural activities are a great way for your children to meet kids who don’t go to their school, and to participate in activities which the school might not offer – like singing lessons, karate classes, or acting. Your child will learn a skill while getting valuable life experience.

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How to Check the Moving Company’s Insurance

Oct 12

It is CRUCIAL that you check the moving company insurance. Don’t just take their word for it when they say they are insured! Otherwise, this could cause some serious problems for you. For example, if a mover gets injured while moving your belongings and the company doesn’t have insurance, then you can be held liable for all medical expenses for the mover.

You can check the insurance at the same place you checked the DOT license info. At the bottom of the report on the SaferSys page, you will see a hyperlink to a page called “FMCSA Licensing and Insurance Site.” Click on this link.

Here you will find information about the moving company’s insurance policies. As before, you will need to make sure that the name/address/phone number of the company match up. Then look for this information:

Authority Type: There will be an area titled Authority Status. This should read “common” or “active.” If it says “No” “Revocation Pending” or “Application Pending”, then find a new mover!

BIPD: You will see a table which lists the BIPD insurance. The minimum requirement is $750,000 coverage. Look for the area titled “Insurance on File.” If it says “No” or “$0”, then find another moving company!



Check the Better Business Bureau

If everything is okay with the USDOT number and insurance, then you will want to check out the moving company at the Better Business Bureau. *Tip: When talking to the moving company, ask them of any other names they operate under. You will want to look them up at the BBB for all the names they use.

Sometimes even good moving companies get complaints with the BBB. However, the moving company should be actively maintaining their reputation and resolving all complaints to maintain an A+ rating with the BBB. So, use your best judgment when reading the complaints and deciding whether you can trust the company.

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